morning babble / Wednesday 2-10-21

41 days in a row! Non-stop babble and running. Be sure to check out the rest of this website for my 52 Meal Challenge. Read the short – more are coming!

5k done / listened to David Chang’s podcast – I know I’ve talked about him way too much, but I just truly love his podcast. I need to create a Top 5 list of my most babbled about people: 1) Dave Chang 2) Ryan Holiday . . . we’ll work on it.

Anyway, the other day I learned about Kit Kats on the Dave Chang podcast. Hershey’s makes Kit Kats in US. while Nestle makes it for everyone else in the world. So, all those crazy flavors from Japan – it’s Nestle that’s performing that magic. Chang compared it to Spider Man being in a tug of war between Sony and Marvel. Nobody wants the Sony Spider Man. We want the Marvel. So, you want the Nestle Kit Kats.

FYI – 2nd day of the 3 Day Fast and no gripe! We’ll see how I’m doing tomorrow.

“My goal is to inspire people to be as excited as I am in making other people happy” – by Will Guidara, a restaurateur in NYC, via the podcast “The Moment with Brian Koppelman”

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