morning babble / Thursday 2-11-21

I got a hole in my pants.  I’ll survive the day, but this isn’t fun.  They’re cargo pants and I can’t get these anymore. Why? Because they are out of style and I realize that, but for work . . . I really like them when I’m out on the road

Happy Friday Eve! 

5k run is done / I’m into the 3rd day of the fast /
Feeling okay, but I got a little grumpy yesterday afternoon – could have been work stuff too.
thinking about food . . . alot

Kit Kat yesterday / Butterfinger talk today. Butterfinger is teasing out a peanut butter that they might be making – Crispety Crunchety Peanut Butter – oh that’s full glory!

Fast ends tonight at 6:54pm but who’s counting

“Happiness equals reality minus expectation ” – by Tom Magliozzi

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