morning babble / Monday 2-15-21

Okay, so yesterday – it was Valentine’s Day, but it was bacon, bacon, bacon, too. For our dinner, we were going to prep a Thanksgiving dinner and for the turkey, I joked about dressing it with bacon. Well, we did it. And – it was glorious. AND – we have leftovers!

Happy President’s Day? Go enjoy a good sale? I know back in my radio days for New Year’s Day, they would send us out to a carpet location because of the great sales that they were having. I never understood that. Great deals on carpets on New Year’s Day? But – the place was always packed. I mean, I know we were advertising it and teasing that we would be there for that coveted free radio station t-shirt. BUT – there was a ton of people there that I know didn’t hear about it on the radio. They just knew: Carpet sale on New Year’s Day – we are so there.

Anyway, I get a lot of daily emails. I’ll need to edit that list down and review some of the the ones that I truly do cherish arriving to my inbox. Off the top of my head, the favorites are from: Seth Godin / Morning Brew / Daily Dad

“When you arrive home, you should be like Ulysses S. Grant, be ready to wrestle. Ready to be present. Ready to have fun. Ready to be the dad they want…not the dad that’s left over after the ravages of the day.” – Ryan Holiday via Daily Dad

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