morning babble / Sunday 2-14-21

I have not run yet today . . . it’s Sunday, so remember, I change up the routine today.  It felt good to leave the running shoes right where they were for the time being. They currently reside on the floor next to my bed with their designated running sock in each shoe.  They’re ready.  I’m not.  Not yet.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hoping every one has that special someone to give a hug or snuggle up to today.  If not, ehhhh . . . no big deal.  Love yourself – gotta do that first anyway.

Looking forward to breakfast this morning.  Anticipating bacon.  Also, hoping for bacon.  As Jim Gaffigan states, Bippity Boppity Bacon. What’s for breakfast?  Bacon. And after that? More Bacon. And finally after that? Hmmm, maybe some more Bacon.  Perfect.
Today, we are actually cooking up a Thanksgiving dinner.  Gonna have a turkey in the oven – smelling good all day.  I remember many years ago for Pigskin Gourmet, Cecil & I covered a turkey with bacon and grilled it.   Go check that out by clicking here. Mmmm – bacon.

Meanwhile, my appetizer for breakfast is Lucky Charms in a cup . . . which makes your burps smell like dog food. Whew – all over the place! Run coming up after breakfast!

“Saying, “I love you,” is one thing.  Living “I love you,” is a whole other story.” – by Topher Kearby

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