morning babble / Thursday 2-25-21

More raw scribble below . . . gotta get to work. The clean-up is coming!!

Happy Friday Eve!

Charcuterie Board blue card – follow up! My wife said that she’ll make one. I win!

Now, I try to make this babble thing upbeat and happy. But – I’m really not trying to only show the pretty things – something that Instagram gets blamed for.

The Daily Stoic – I read this every morning

The Daily Stoic Journal – I write in this every morning and evening.

Big props to my Big Sis who is doing something today that we never would have imagined a year ago. We lost Barry late last year. But – she lost her husband. Officially selling their house today. I’m with you girl.

If you can hug ’em – HUG THEM!!

“Let us greedily enjoy our friends (and family) because we do not know how long this privilege will be ours.” – Seneca

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