morning babble / Saturday 2-27-21

Happy Saturday Morning – no work today . . . at least on the road. I’m home. Enjoyed another episode of WandaVision last night – awesome stuff. And then, my wife and I followed that up with Brian Regan’s Netflix special. If I slip into any Brian Regan-isms . . . I apologize but he’s simply the best and CLEAN! I like some naughty comedy but it is incredible how funny that guy can be while being profanity free.

Answers to 3 questions:

  1. When’s your next 3 day fast? Well, March is Monday and it doesn’t begin then. I will be doing it the follow Monday (3/8) begins after dinner that night.
  2. How many miles have you run so far? Almost 200 miles. I do expect to be running some more once I get outside some more this Spring, Summer, and Fall. Some runners have picked on me for not going outside more. I have no fear of the cold or the rain. BUT – I’m not running outside at 4:30am in the woods. Treadmill is awesome at 4:30am.
  3. Have you used your Mad Libs yet? No, but they will be packed for next weekend. Our family is going away for the weekend. Going to be interesting how the run and vlog happens, but it will. The streak must continue!

James Clear wrote Atomic Habits – haven’t read that yet . . . my wife is still working on it. But, I do receive his weekly email. Go sign up for it here – it’s free! Anyway, what’s written below is taken directly from one of his recent emails. Gave me something to think about:

“For a few weeks, I started each morning by writing “What do I actually want?” at the top of a blank page. It’s surprising how useful it is to keep asking the same question. Each time, my answer became more precise. Once I knew what I wanted, I turned it into action steps.”

So, I haven’t tried it yet, but I am considering, because I could use some more focus and precision on what I’m doing!

“It’s so much better to promote what you love than to bash what you hate”Jessica Alba

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