morning babble / Monday 3-1-21

Hello March – do you believe that “In like a lion, out like a lamb?” I’m cheering it on because I’m so ready to get outside. Hoping by the end of this long month

Stay home day and I have so much planned in getting done today – paperwork wise. This is where I can get myself in trouble. I set some lofty goals and then come the end of the day when I haven’t hit them all. I get bummed. A little downward spiral. I think it’s important to set these high goals, because I want to push myself to get it all done. BUT – it’s not worth it if I just become grumpy Brent at the end of it all. To help shift me out of this work, work, work mode, I actually have an alarm set on my phone to go off around 3:15pm to begin wrapping it up. It’s AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”. It sort of clicks me from the work to the “have to” work and I begin wrapping it up for the day in order to get to my family!

Oh – yesterday, I talked about Tim Ferriss and all of his books. BUT – I failed to mention his podcast, which – yes, I do know about and listen to religiously. He just did his 500th episode with Kevin Rose – so congrats to him on that accomplishment. He plans on keeping it going which I’m happy to hear. Also today on the treadmill, I began listening to #501 with his guest, Steven Pressfield. I’ve talked about him before with his book, The War of Art.

I ran! 31 + today + 28 = 60 in a row! Also means 60 videos. Thanks for putting up with me!

“When one teaches, two learn” – Robert Heinlein

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