morning babble / Tuesday 3-2-21

So, my Thunderstruck song went off yesterday and I didn’t stop working. I kept pushing. AND – I became grumpy Brent. It’s sort of a special week though. I just can’t really get behind because of the upcoming weekend away.

I’m big with trigger songs:

Back in high school with baseball, I’d hum “Guns in the Sky” to myself at the plate. Yeah, by INXS. Don’t laugh Michael Hutchence can be tough. Alright, sexy tough?

Anyway – for running, I have my “Angry Run” Playlist. These include Linkin Park, Godsmack, but the one song that gets me every time – “Legend Has It” by Run the Jewels

Now, it’s not all angry or getting psyched up moments that I need. At night in our house library, I love playing certain vinyl – the whole ritual of putting the record onto the turntable – almost like the ritual of brewing a cup of coffee. Currently, my favorite go to chill album has been the latest one from The Raconteurs with Help Us Stranger. Sometimes though, I turn to Beck’s Morning Phase

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

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