morning babble / Friday 3-12-21

I ran. 71. Still no Facebook – day 4.

3 Day Fast ended last night at exactly 6:32pm. It was officially broken by a sip of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. It was then followed by potstickers, chips & salsa, chips & guacamole, meatballs, these chicken ravioli like things, mac & cheese, cold cut veggies, some roast beef, ice cream cake. Whew! Rolaids at night!!

Speaking of Dogfish Head, they just came out with a Hazy-O! beer, which is a hazy IPA. I love it – delicious. However, I need to enjoy it as much as I can this month, since in April – I’m doing that “alcohol drought” for the month.

New Music Friday:

  • Reminder: Grammys are on Sunday night. Trevor Noah is the host. Tons of artists performing – 4 stages, but no Weeknd – he’s boycotting because of being snubbed. Awww. Speaking of being snubbed – I still can’t believe that Run The Jewels didn’t get nominated for something, anything. Made me listen to Run The Jewels 4 again. And then 3, and then 2. I didn’t get all the way to the first one.
  • Dinosaur Jr. announced that their new album Sweep It Into Space will be out April 23rd. BUT – they also announced a tour schedule, begins the end of July. But concerts . . . they’re coming back soon.
  • Couple songs that I was excited to see and hear: new Fratellis song “Half Drunk under a Full Moon”. Also, I heard “Seasonal Depression” by Pink Laundry. Who’s that? Let me tell. Judah and the Lion – they had a great album back in 2019. Then COVID. Lead singer, Judah Akers, has been home and creating stuff. This is him – Pink Laundry.
  • New songs from Selena Gomez, Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Jonas (“2Drunk”). I gotta keep giving them some listens before I have a better opinion.
  • Whole album drop from Grouplove – This is This

Put together a playlist on Spotify. It’s called – “morning babble – Let’s Run”

New short will be posted this weekend – the editors have approved. Will be found under Droplet of Life.

“I don’t have time = it’s not a priority” – by Naval Ravikant

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