morning babble / Saturday 3-13-21

Into the 5th day of exile from Facebook – more on that tomorrow. Let’s get to the other fun stuff. I ran – 72 days in a row. A little extra stretching needed this morning, but otherwise feeling good. Maybe those extra beverages last night had something to do with it.

Last night, we enjoyed Coming 2 America – Yes, the 2nd one. I thought it was great and really well done. I mean, the actors seemed to be having fun throughout it all. And at the end – it just felt like a big party and celebration. AND – I don’t think this is a spoiler, but my favorite joke from the first one was actually replayed within the 2nd one AND played out a 3rd time with everyone grown up. I’m talking about is within the first movie when the little elephant runs by and Eddie Murphy says, “Hello Babar.” In the new one, you get to see grown-up Babar. Hopefully that wasn’t too much. At least I didn’t give out the exact Prince song that was played out. Loved that! I added that to my “morning babble – wake-up” playlist. Posting that soon – maybe next Friday. Here’s the running playlist released yesterday – click here for that.

AMA Saturday:

  • What radio station do you listen to?  Terrestrial? Alt 104.5 out of Philly. Mainly have my Sirius XM with Lithium, Alt Nation, Octane, Turbo, and the Verge (Canadian’s Alt Rock).
  • Do you still do the 4 days of the 18:6 Fast? Yes. I felt like I was repeating myself too much, so I guess I got away from saying that. During the week, 4 days of the 18:6 fast – keeps the weight in check. Then, monthly – a 3 day fast which helps with allergies. This month was key being ahead of the spring time pollen release – fun!

Again, Facebook update tomorrow. Also, tomorrow on my website, I’ll be posting a new short that I wrote. Hoping that it entertains. Got some giggles from my little posse. Read the one that’s been up here.

“Plant your tree before you need the shade.” – by Seth Godin

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