morning babble / Wednesday 3-17-21

Scribble will be tidied up at some point. Gotta watch that video!

So, the house has a leprechaun. My daughter left out some “bait” but without a trap. Anyway, so that was a picture of the mess it left behind.

This is the only time of year that you can have this packed for your lunch and someone else will be like – “Mmm-mmm. That looks good!” Any other time – “ew – it’s green.”

Rice Krispy Treats with Lucky Charms cereal.

Lucky Charms cereal was created back in 1964. It runs 57 this Saturday.

Running Socks

The Black & Blue Sock company

“Ego is an evil thing. Confidence is important, but ego is something false. Humility is the way to build confidence, and ego is hugely dangerous in this sport, because if you’re running on ego, you aren’t running on good clean emotions, or cause and effect. You bypass it to support a false idea. It’s all garbage, the ego is garbage.” — by Frank Shamrock (former MMA fighter)

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