morning babble / Thursday 3-18-21

Happy Friday Eve! This is the scribble . . . cleaning it up later. Links are in there.

Enjoyed some original Muppet Shows last night with the family. I think it was funnier watching the kids react to what was being shown. Muppets looked dirty though and I forgot how much of a Playboy Kermit was – asking all the female guests to kiss him. The kids did appear to enjoy it though. At one point, my daughter was like how old is this show. My wife stated daddy watched this when he was younger than you. “Whoa – that’s old.” Thanks Violet. Disney Plus got all the shows.

I ran. 77

So, NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens. I was listening to a new Kevin Rose podcast. I’ll provide the link. Future of art – CryptoPunks – which were given away for free back in June 2017 Ethereum blockchain. Look like they belong in Donkey Kong arcade game. Go for $40k. Some several $100k.

This is the book that I kept flashing: Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit”

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” – by Gary Player

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