morning babble / Sunday 3-28-21

Feeling my 48 years. Thank you again for all the birthday wishes from everywhere – that was awesome. One quick story from my day. We ordered take-out from Del Pez in Wilmington. Got a wonderful dinner for our family of 4 along with a couple Margaritas. I ran in for the pick-up. Guess what? I got carded. I know, so maybe my hat was on backwards and, of course, I had a mask on, but the 3 ladies there were shocked. I didn’t flash my baldy or face, so they can just keep on envisioning the young glory that might be hidden underneath.


  • Leadership book from Goodwin . . . I’m behind. Got to dig back in.
  • Finally, once the Being Mortal book is wrapped. It’s Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing

““And reading, I hold, is indispensable…Reading nourishes the mind and refreshes it when it is wearied.” — Seneca

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