morning babble / Monday 3-29-21

Donald (the duck) is mad on a Monday (got to see the video to understand the visual). Brent was mad on a Sunday. Every 2 years, it seems that I need to get a new iPhone. My video just wouldn’t upload yesterday. It took me two hours. I really don’t know what I would have done if it was any of these upcoming days where I had to get on the road for work.

Some good news! I got my The Boys Omnibus Volume Three via Amazon. Ordered it Sunday morning and it arrived Sunday night. That stuff still amazes me.

Speaking of Amazon, Moqueca. What? We were supposed to make that (Moqueca) yesterday, but unfortunately we couldn’t find some of the key ingredients at the grocery store or farmer’s market. So, we made the turn to Amazon and the needed ingredients will be here in time for my Meal Challenge on Tuesday night. Moqueca – I keep practicing saying it.

Well looky there, we’re getting closer to April, aren’t we. Thursday officially begins the month long drought on alcohol – April Drought 2021. I am excited to do it. I have to admit thought that I have been enjoying myself with some extra beverage these past several days. My body could probably use this break.

I ran, I vlogged. Both at 88. My countdown was created by Molly Alexandra. Go check out her stuff here and/or here.

“We buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like.” – I read about it today in the Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and he quotes Fight Club, which it is known for. However, the quote belongs to Mr. Dave Ramsey.

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