morning babble / Wednesday 3-31-21

I ran, I vlogged – tally = 90 / 5k every day for this year – that’s the goal

Moqueca (it’s a Brazilian Seafood Stew) – we made it! AND – it was very good. HOWEVER – I wanted some more spiciness to it. BUT – when you have kids . . . you can’t go all out there. Enjoyed a shot of tequila to kick off the night. Suggestion of my wife. Wrapping up March with a bang here.

After tonight, my April Alcohol Drought begins for the entire month. People have reached out and wondered – what drink or what beer will be the last one? I believe it will be Tempest by the Cushwa Brewing Company. Good dessert beverage (marshmallow taste) with a nice kick (triple IPA). I believe that I’ll be enjoying that tonight in our house library.

Speaking of marshmallow, the new cola from Pepsi is called “Pepsi x Peeps.” Mixes Pepsi and everyone’s favorite Easter treat – Peeps. To get your hands on the limited-edition flavor, participants must enter Pepsi’s #HangingWithMyPEEPS contest. To win, Pepsi fans must use that hashtag, as well as #PepsiSweepstakes, and tag Pepsi on Instagram and Twitter showing how they celebrate spring. Pepsi will give away 3,000 packages. Ends at midnight tonight (3/31)

My better idea for the usage of a Peep is replacing the marshmallow in the s’more with this chicky wonder (or rabbit or whatever shape your Peep is). Delicious! The extra crunchy crystals make that s’more even better – you’re welcome!

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins” – by Neale Donald Walsch

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