morning babble / Tuesday 3-30-21

blah, blah, blah – this is my scribble for the babble before I clean it up – off to work!

I ran / I vlogged / Tally is at 89!

I’ve been looking for a new soap, because I’m tired of the liquid body wash. Numerous ones have been tried. Some barely made it through a shower and went directly into the trash. One of the big ones (Dr. Squatch), I tried a couple: Grapefruit IPA and some Whiskey one. Yes, still talking soap here. They do some really good marketing, awesome website, and all kinds of flavors to try. BUT – I just didn’t like the soap all that much. Bubbles weren’t really there enough for me and I felt sort of dry at the end. They’ll be fine without my support.

The initial winner was Bourbon soap by Soap Distillery. I was ready to order it when this one then arrived: The Man Slab by Happy Nuts. It won. The name of the company hooked me, but it really does have a great sniff to it and very nice bubbles. The winner! Visit their website here.

“The music’s playing, the notes are right. Put your left foot first and move into the light. The edge of this hill is the edge of the world. Let the dance begin.” – by Genesis via “Dance on the Volcano” of A Trick of the Tail

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