morning babble / Sunday 4-04-21

Happy Sunday to some of you and Happy Bunny Day to others – whatever your choice.

The rabbit did visit this house, so plastic eggs are everywhere. He did leave original jelly beans . . . the kind that I stole from the candy dish on the way to the bathroom at my Nana & Pop’s house growing up. What flavor is Purple?

Oh and today’s breakfast – Peeps Cereal!

Egg Boxing as explained by Dr. Peter Attia. Not the hard boiled battles though – Click here!

94th vlog of Morning Babble! 94th run – will be outside after I post this.

Typically, I talk about books today, but I’ll save my Deep Dive into this book – Being Mortal – for next week.

Heard this on a podcast – I believe it was The Tim Ferriss Podcast: Hugh Jackman reads right after he wakes up (early) in the morning. He explained:  “I read a book with my wife. So we get up and we read to each other for half an hour. It’s the best. I recommend it to anyone…It’s the greatest way to start the day. Right now I’m reading Stillness Is the Key, by Ryan Holiday… I’m really into philosophy. So we read, and we talk, because stuff’s on your mind. You don’t realize how much has been on your mind overnight, and it comes out in the morning. That way, no matter what happens through our day, we know that we’ve had quality time together. You always think, tonight; after work; after this; when we put the kids to bed, but that doesn’t always happen.”

“”Dive in when you hear the cry for help. Reach out when you see the need. Do Kindness where you can.” – Ryan Holiday via Stillness is the Key (page 252)

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