morning babble / Monday 4-05-21

This was one of those tough mornings. Didn’t feel like getting things going today. For the music, as always, I turned to the Morning Babble wake-up playlist – recently, I have added a couple other songs. Always changing.

I also picked up my copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s always on my desk for these types of mornings and to help me push through it . . . the resistance. I read from page 13: “Resistance is Universal: We’re wrong if we think we’re the only ones struggling with Resistance. Everyone who has a body experiences Resistance.”

There is so much candy in this house now. Anymore, I believe more candy is brought in from the Easter holiday than Halloween. And tonight – I begin the 3 day fast – 72 hours. There will be so much temptation that I’ll be walking by. I think I’ll just go on a long drive until Thursday.

April Alcohol Drought is still underway – turned down numerous beverages yesterday.

95 days of running / 95 vlogs

“There is no shortcut. There is no hack. There’s only one way. So, get after it.” – by Jocko Willink (I took it from the back of his book, Discipline Equals Freedom)

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