morning babble / Wednesday 4-07-21

This is the scribble for my babble before I clean it up – coming soon!

I had to bail on the podcast listening today. It wasn’t a favorite one, so I switched it up to my running playlist. Joe Rogan considers that cheating. I always ran with shoes and socks on.

Oh, by the way, one of my tips yesterday, I mentioned about going to brush your teeth or “take some mouthwash” I am not encouraging drinking Scope.

2nd day of the 3 Day Fast – Sunflower Seeds, can you?

Jocko Willick apparently eats sunflower seeds during his fast.

I looked it up – googled “Can you eat sunflower seeds during a fast”

Some responses: What part of fast don’t you understand? // Don’t Eat // If you’re eating, you aren’t fasting.

So, no – don’t eat sunflower seeds during a fast. Now, if Jocko walked in and said, what are you questioning? I’d probably pop a couple into my mouth and not say a word.

I ran, I vlogged – 97

“Real change will come when it is brought about, not by your ego, but by reality.” – by Anthony de Mello via the Twitter account of Ryan Holiday

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