morning babble / Tuesday 4-06-21

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I ran, I vlogged – 96 days! April’s Alcohol Drought continues, too.

Last night, it began after a wonderful Chicken Parmesan dinner with the family AND it was an early dinner courtesy of my son needing to get to baseball practice. So, it’s underway – the 3 Day Fast! Day one is always the easiest though. I track it all while using the Zero App.

Looking up my past history with the Zero App, it looks like my first ever recorded 3 day fast was on November 18, 2021. BUT – I only did 71 hours and 14 minutes.  I make sure that I hit the full 72 hours now. No shortcuts. With a recent fast this year, we had a meal prepared for us and it was like 10 minutes away from my fast ending. I encouraged to “just eat.” I waited 71 hours and 50 minutes . . . I can wait another 10 minutes. Also, I suggest not doing these 3 day fasts over a weekend. Why torture the family.

3 Fasting Tips

  1. Lemon & salt in the water every morning – settles the stomach
  2. Struggling during the day? Brush your teeth or use some mouthwash
  3. At night, take some Magnesium – MagMind.

“Starve the ego, Feed the soul” by DJ AM via Steve Aoki

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