morning babble / Tuesday 4-13-21

This is the scribble for my babble . . . tidying up still needs to happen.

Cheap morning routine hack – untie your shoes the night before. I’m like anyone else and when I’m done running or done work for the day, I slip off the shoes – all tied up. Nothing slows me down more though in the morning than untying these lazy reminders from the day before. Now, I’m not saying to untie your shoes and then remove them every time, because that just won’t happen. BUT – make it a part of your nighttime routine when you’re picking out what you’re going to wear. Untie those shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I got new a pair. 500 miles! I just wanted an indoor and outdoor pair.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

“Your life is purchased by where you spend your attention.” – by James Clear.

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