morning babble / Wednesday 4-14-21

This is the scribble for my babble . . . tidying up still needs to happen and I really want to provide some links . . . soon! Gotta get to work!!!

Welcome to Not Tuesday. It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Middle of the week. Closer to the next weekend than last weekend. But – not Tuesday. Taco Tuesdays.

Too many email subscriptions. Yesterday, I took a quote from a recent James Clear newsletter. His is weekly and I always seem to find something in there. Tim Ferriss always has a Friday email called 5 Bullet Friday. Seth Godin is daily. Ryan Holiday’s Daily Dad – daily. Mark Manson – every Monday. That Sunday product email – RECOMENDO. MUD\WTR.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” – by Jonathan Swift

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