morning babble / Saturday 4-17-21

Coffee today . . . I’m low on MUD\WTR. They sent me an email apologizing for the delay and asked if there is anything that they could do to make it up for me. If that email goes to everyone, I just can’t imagine being the recipient of all of those response emails.

Son’s baseball game today, so I gotta keep things moving . . . I ran on the mill today. It was the 107th run and vlog. Yesterday’s vlog almost didn’t happen. I had so many problems with my phone. Yesterday’s phone. I was running out of space and no – I wasn’t saving all of these videos. I delete them when I’m done and hope YouTube never pulls a Facebook on me. Like Monopoly with properties, I was mortgaging apps on & off my phone for space. It was bad. I would run. Load it into my Nike app and then offload the app. Flyers not playing – offload the app for the day. Check the weather – offload. But all is well again – I got a new phone. The iPhone 12 Pro.

Also, yesterday, my wife and I enjoyed Weezer performing at Walt Disney Concert Hall. The highlight was them playing their recent album – OK Human – in its entirety with an orchestra behind them. It really was amazing and sounded so good. Plus, there was a Q & A Zoom afterwards that was even “awesomer”. We laughed so much. Weezer’s drummer – Patrick Wilson – he’s hilarious. Prior to this, I did hear whispers of 4 new albums coming in 2022 and Rivers did confirm 4 “Season” albums with 8 songs on each album. Their release will be on the 1st day of each season – way cool!

Normally, I answer questions today, but I knew I had the Weezer and Phone talk, so I’ll push the questions that I’ve got until next Saturday. Don’t forget – you can always email me at

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one things of changing himself.” – by Leo Tolstoy via a Mark Manson tweet.

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