morning babble / Friday 4-16-21

“Drowned In The Sun” was created by AI through a project called Lost Tapes of the 27 Club. This project has already compiled the music of Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, and The Doors, push it through a computer, and popped out a “new” song. “Drowned in the Sun” is by Nirvana . . . or created by Nirvana songs. You’ll hear Kurt’s voice. You’ll hear hints of different Nirvana albums. But – I’m not sure that I’m really a fan. Click here to listen.

Tonight, I’m going to see Weezer somewhere in my house. It’s a Virtual Show and we’ll hear their newest album, OK Human . . . which has no guitars. There’s a Q & A afterwards, I don’t know if we’ll be called on, but I have to prepare a good question. Probably not a good idea to ask “hey – where are the guitars?” BUT – they are coming out with highly anticipated album, Van Weezer on May 7th – which has now been dedicated to Eddie Van Halen. THAT’S an album that will have some guitars.

New Music Friday:

  • Vince Staples hasn’t had anything since 2018 but apparently coming out with two albums later this year. Just an FYI
  • I don’t really talk about country music too much, but I am a Phillies fan, which means I am a Tug McGraw fan, which means I see that the Tugger’s kid has a new album! Don’t worry – I know who Tim McGraw is and, yes, he has a new album out today. Back during my radio days, my sister station (WXTU) had their Philly Chili Cook-off and he was the headliner. One of his requests was to have a basketball court (half court) that he could shoot some hoops prior to performing on stage. AND – he did utilize the court – cowboy hat and boots on, too.
  • The whole album – The Battle at Garden’s Gate – by Greta Van Fleet is out. They’re the young lads that have the distinct Classic Rock sound – so much like Led Zeppelin.
  • The Black Keys released the single “The Crawling Kingsnake” from their new upcoming album Delta Kream. Due out May 14th. All Blues Covers.
  • Spotify pulled for me “Keep it Poppin” by KingBeat. Initially, I didn’t know why, but then I heard Ludacris join in. Song made me blush. Use headphones – that’s my tip.

“Wake up, live your life and sing the melody of your soul.” – by Amit Ray

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