morning babble / Sunday 5-02-21

Whew – I’m beat and it’s not because of the two beers that I had last night. Yup – only two. My son had a Friday night baseball game – they lost – so, yesterday, we went to the nearby ball field to hit, catch, and pitch & pitch & pitch. His choice. But – I played the role of his catcher and – wow – am I feeling it. I did run today – outside and slowly. 122 runs.

If you missed the Instagram post, Hopalanche by Big Oyster Brewery officially broke the April Alcohol Drought. AND – I enjoyed it.

It’s Sunday – so, let’s talk books . . . or in this case, a comic book, too.


  • I get to pick up my BRZRKR Issue #2 today from Captain Blue Hen Comics. Today, they have a “Spring Comic Day Fest” from 11am to 2pm. With Special Guest John Gallagher of Max Meow books fame. If you got a kid that likes Dog Man . . . this guy’s Max Meow series is being compared to that.
  • Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho – I had planned on talking about this one in depth today, but 3 weekday little league baseball games last week squashed any hopes of reading being done.
  • Lack of time led me to pull these books from Cal Newport. I read his Deep Work book and it was a very good one. Explains how you should time block areas of the day for deep work when you can truly “knock out” some specific work. This led me to watching a seminar of his and getting his planner – The Time-Block Planner. Unfortunately, I have not done the planner and maybe that has led to the lack of time.

I’ve got some new goals that I really want to push towards, but I’m hesitating slightly. I need to plan accordingly. I don’t want to half ass anything. My 52 Meal Challenge within a year already looks like its in jeopardy, but instead of beating myself up, I think I’ll just extend it towards the end of the year. When I started it last June . . . I wasn’t running every day and vlogging, so it’s that time thing again. Announcements coming . . .

“When someone says – But I don’t have time! – what I hear is: I’m choosing to not make it a priority!” – by Mark Manson

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