morning babble / Monday 05-03-21

After I left you all yesterday, I ended up helping my wife plant on the flowers that she bought on Saturday. My job involved a shovel and lots of digging. I also wasn’t smart and didn’t put on any sun protective. I got burnt. It’s the kind of burn where when you blow your nose, it feels like your skin is going to pop off.

Happy Monday! I ran – 123 runs / 123 vlogs

Oh, and if you follow me on Untappd – that’s an app which tracks different beers that try. I think I had 4 new entries yesterday. Don’t worry – I was splitting them with a friend. Otherwise, well . . . today would have been extra tough to go along with the sunburn.

Read from the Daily Stoic, p. 136: So yes, spend some time – real, uninterrupted time – thinking about what’s important to you, what your priorities are. Then, work toward that and forsake all the others. It’s not enough to wish and hope. One must act – and act right.

“Ask yourself: Am I climbing the right mountain?” – by someone

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