morning babble / Friday 05-07-21

ATTENTION – Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I got a scare today with Instagram. They initially didn’t like my video and flagged it. I still don’t understand why. I reworded things slightly within the post and simply re-downloaded the video – the 2nd time everything worked just fine. BUT – it was scary and felt like Facebook all over again. Hopefully, all is well, but still . . . SUBSCRIBE!

Reminiscing blink-182: Yesterday, I was reading about Travis Barker – more on that later, but then it got me listening to blink-182 all day and I forgot how much I liked their 2001 album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. That one includes the trio Mark Hoppus / Tom DeLonge / Travis Barker. Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio has since replaced Tom DeLonge.

Heard Robert Smith (of the Cure) singing with the Blink boys on the song “All of This” – very random. It reminded me of the time that Ray Charles sang with INXS on “Please – You got that”. Remember – Sexy Tough? Click here for that scribble and babble link.

New Music Friday:

  • Van Weezer Day! I’ve talked about it enough, but it is finally here – the whole album. I think we’ve already heard 4 songs already off of it, but the whole sha-bang is here. 10 songs, just over 30 minutes. Great Weezer sound. Guitars are obviously back for this album after taking a hiatus on their OK Human album.
  • New Coldplay – who’s excited! Well, their song “Higher Power” was actually played aboard the International Space Station before a satellite beamed the track to Earth, at which time it was released officially on streaming services. As promised, click here for the rant by Chuck Klosterman about Coldplay.
  • New album – Better Mistakes – is out from Bebe Rexha. She had the big hit Meant To Be with Florida Georgia Line. The video for the song – “Break My Heart Myself” – is out today too. She’s not difficult to watch. Travis Barker of Blink 182 – he drums this tune.
  • Black Keys released another song off their upcoming album Delta Kream. Due out May 14th. Again, it’s all blues covers. This song is called “Going Down South”
  • J. Cole announced that his new album The Off-Season will be available everywhere next Friday (5/14). But today, we get the single, Interlude.
  • Finally – Reissue of an Elbow album, which was first released back 2001 in the UK. So, twenty years later – we get Asleep in the Back again. I’m going to be looking for the vinyl of it. True Elbow fans will point out this was NOT the bands first recording . . . but it was their first released album.

“With each step I take, I see that my ability to perform gets a little better. So until it starts getting worse, I’m going to keep moving forward.” – by Rivers Cuomo

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