morning babble / Monday 05-10-21

Back at it on a Monday! A little slower, but back at it!

3 Day Fast begins tonight. It’s what you would call a Non-Caloric Liquid Fast. I still have water, tea, and coffee – no sugar (or milk/cream) in any of them. NCLF can be practiced for anywhere between 24 hours and several days. Typically, the longer you engage in this type of fast, the deeper the body gets into cellular cleansing. I do it because of how it “resets the body” and it then fights off my allergies better. Less pill popping of Claritin, Benadryl, etc.

“Fasting Decoded” is a good short breakdown of fasting. You’ll have to do some signing up, but click here to get your own copy via Kion. Ben Greenfield also has a good podcast and breakdown of fasting – click here for that.

130 runs / 130 vlogs

I got new soap from Happy Nuts. AND – it’s scent is called No Blue Balls. The competitor soap is from Dr. Bronner and his 6 pack of flavors should be arriving soon.

“Failure is success training.” by Kevin Smith

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