morning babble / Tuesday 05-11-21

This is the scribble that helps with the babble. Sometimes I have time to tidy it up, sometimes I just need to get my butt to work.

3 day fast is underway – as I always say, today is the easiest day. You don’t really notice anything until dinner time. That’s when you’re like – wow – 2 more days? Also, what did I eat? two hot dogs and a blueberry muffin. Finished that muffin around 5:55pm. They suggest typically, the night before to have a low carb dinner in order to deplete your glycogen (glai kuh jn) storage. This will help your body enter into ketosis faster.

Bit the inside of my cheek yesterday like several times. So, that’s gonna easily clear up by Thursday. I’ll be so mad if my first bite on Thursday – crunch. My grandfather – we called him Pop or Pop-pop. I always remembered him doing that and then exclaiming “Great Caesar’s Ghost” instead of profanity.

Fasting tip – Liven up your water. Lemon juice / slices of cucumbers – don’t eat them at the end / sparkling water is fine as well. Mix it up. / No sugar and no sweeteners

“More effort is wasted doing things that don’t matter than is wasted doing things inefficiently. Elimination is the highest form of optimization.” – by James Clear. Taken from his weekly newsletter, go sign up for it here.

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