New Music Friday w/ Katy Perry and Ayron Jones / AJR revisited / Dogfish Head broke the 3 day fast!

morning babble / Friday 05-14-21

Dogfish Head broke the fast like 6:48pm? Sunday Feels. I had the pasta, marinara sauce, spicy sausage, garlic bread, and red wine still. I was food coma afterwards, but it was worth it. No dessert though. I was done.But – Dogfish Head did it. Oh, I tried the cucumber floating in the water yesterday – loved it.

I ran 134 runs of 5k / 134 vlogs

This week was rough and I was teetering. Trying to avoid the downward spiral. So, I turned to music. That new AJR album – OK Orchestra – it’s just really, really great. I mean, if it’s not your thing, I get it. I’ve heard from some people – I’m not listening to that junk. Now, it’s not junk, but I think it’s definitely fun music to hear and it really got me through the day. Here are some of the lyrics of different songs that make me smile:

“Bummerland” –

This month
I got seven haircuts
And now my hair is all gone
It’s sad but
I’ve been alone for too long
So I keep getting haircuts

“3 o’clock Things” –

If I keep on talking politics, my friends’ll dip, they’re over it
If I keep on talking politics, I’m Hamilton (Without the hits)

“Ordinaryish People” –

“Your pretty friends, they call you ugly
Your ugly friends, they call you vain
No, you’re not stupid, you’re just special
Well, that’s what all your smart friends say”

That last one is on my Morning Babble Wake-up playlist – it’s on Spotify. Click here!

New Music Friday:

  • AJR and Weezer joined up to redo the Weezer song – “All My Favorite Songs” – just a single, but the Weezer original is on their OK Human album
  • Fellow P.K. – Katy Perry – we’re both preacher kids. She has a new video out, which is never a bad thing. The video is for her new song “Electric.” The track appears on upcoming compilation Pokémon 25: The Album, which will arrive this fall via Capitol Records. Did you know “I Kissed a Girl” came out back in 2008 – 13 years ago – what?
  • Mark your calendar for May 21st, the highly anticipated debut album from Ayron Jones called Child Of The State comes out and we’re getting 12 songs on it. Last week, we got “Spinning Circles” but today we got “Take Your Time.” If you didn’t know the song’s name before it was played out, you would definitely know it when the song ended. It’s kind of like Phil Collins with One More Night. Hmmm – I think that one should be called One More Night, Phil. Anyway, his guitar does a lot of the singing in this song and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.
  • New full albums from J. Cole and The Black Keys. Also, a whole new album from country star, Alan Jackson – his first new album in 6 years. It’s got like 21 tracks.

When Humpty Dumpty went down. He said, “Screw it, I’m a smile right through it And I’ll scream when no one’s around” – by AJR “Humpty Dumpty”

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