Haribo Gummi Bears: Green = Strawberry? / Running numbers / T.S. Eliot quote via Mark Manson

morning babble / Saturday 05-15-21

Breaking News – this just in from the Morning Babble desk. The original Gummi Bears from the Haribo company have 5 flavors: Yellow = Lemon / Orange = Orange / Red = Raspberry / White = Pineapple / Green = Strawberry? What? I had no idea. My daughter finished off the bag and I read the print on the back, so this is how I know about it – never noticed it in the past. The problem I have is that my daughter finished off the bag and now I need to go get some. Specifically, I need to pick out the green bear and mentally think “strawberry” while tasting it. This is all to be continued . . .

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – Did you get a whipper? Yes. I got my milk frother aka “whipper”. Now, I can enjoy my MUD drink while adding in Coconut Milk Powder again. Without my whip, I would try stirring this powder into the mix as best as I could, but there would always be powder-filled balls floating in my beverage. AND THEN – when I would take a sip of the beverage, one of those balls would slip in and – boom – explode out the powder within my mouth. All very negative. I’m so glad I got another whipper (frother) again.
  • Question #2 – Do you really run every day? Yes. 5k every day. I just passed 450 miles for the year. The treadmill – I go by how far it says that I went. In turn, it claims that I’m doing 10 minute miles on the treadmill. Meanwhile, my Garmin watch says “you SO ran more than that.” I stick with what the mill says because I don’t want to cheat anywhere. As for outside, my runs average 7.5 minute miles. Also, my new shoes from Brooks – they just reached 100 miles. Apparently, once I hit 500 miles on them, I need new “tires.” Nevertheless, we are at 135 days in a row of 5k runs. The goal is to do it every day of the year, but just in case I run into that one person who accomplished the same feat but points out that he/she did it during a leap year, I will keep it going through January 1st to make it 366 days in a row. Who’s competitive?

“I do not believe that one grows older. I think what happens early on in life is that at a certain age, one stands still and stagnates.” – by T.S. Eliot via Mark Manson

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