Hell yeah or no via Derek Sivers / Going to Anderson East show – he better have a girlfriend by then

morning babble / Wednesday 05-19-21

Who’s schedule is getting filled up? Whew. All us vaccinated people are getting together. Plans are being made. Wife just bought us tickets to go see Anderson East in Philly. It’s January 22nd, but we’re in. Wish that dude would get a girlfriend. And no masks – gotta check the teeth for food and the nose for bats in the cave. Wash your face people!

Hell yeah or no! A simple little rule that learned from Derek Sivers in his book Anything You Want. This is a wonderful, short book that I highly suggest reading for many reasons – both personal and business.

“Whatever excites you, go do it. Whatever drains you, stop doing it. – by Derek Sivers

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