Joe Biden goes to my dentist / Is more showering needed? / Chuck Palahniuk (Paula-nick) quote

morning babble / Tuesday 05-18-21

So, I have to go back to the dentist on Friday. Something in the back, next to a filling, needs to have some new stuff slapped up against it. I trust my dentist though. President Biden actually goes to my dentist! I missed that day when he met my son.

Anyway, I explained how I floss in the shower and that’s how it reminds me. In the past, I was complimented for my flossing, but this time, she asked do you floss? I proudly replied “yes” and then re-explained my story of flossing during every shower. “Oh.” I then asked, “why?” She said, “Well, your gums appeared sensitive, so I was going to say that maybe you should floss more.” Then there was silence. I was wondering if she thought I should shower more as well.

Here’s a random question – do you close your eyes when you’re in the chair at the dentist. I do. I have eyes that tell too much of a story, so if they go wide for no reason, I can feel them tense up. In turn, I shut down and just close my eyes.

138 runs of 5k / 138 vlogs of Morning Babble

I got my BJJ journal out. Last entry 3/12/20. It’s been a long time since jiu-jitsu. Thursday evening, I’ll make an attempt and roll with one of my clients, who is a purple belt. I want to get back. Working it into the routine is going to be tough at this point.

“Love the things you own” – by someone

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” – by Chuck Palahniuk (Paula – Nick), Fight Club

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