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morning babble / Wednesday 05-26-21

Long road day in NJ. Today though, I’ve determined that I’m treating myself to the Snackin’ Bacon and a coffee with cream & sugar.

I was in Dunkin this past weekend getting breakfast for my family and overhead a guy say: “Don’t you have cereal?” Really? I mean they have Avocado Toast now, buddy and you want cereal. I remember when it was just Mr. Donut on Kirkwood Highway – just donuts and coffee – no sandwiches, no muffins, no bacon specialties. Water for the kids? Give ’em coffee!

I ran, I babbled – 146!

Read from the Daily Stoic (p.160) – “Don’t spend much time thinking about what other people think. Think about what you think, Think instead about the results, about the impact, about whether it is the right thing to do.”

Looking forward to the weekend – need to get busy on videos – Gummi Bears / Soap Battle / Tour of my house library / Looking for a charity / Quote Board / Writing a Book!

“Practice even what seems impossible.” – by Marcus Aurelius

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