Hey Dunkin’ – I got a jelly donut tip / Snooze bar is a gateway drug / Jim Carrey quote

morning babble / Thursday 05-27-21

Happy Friday Eve aka Thursday.

I hit the snooze bar today. Snooze button? I’ve been doing that again lately and it worries me. I feel like the snooze bar (button) is a gateway drug to further procrastination.

ANYWAY – I did hit Dunkin’ on my way home yesterday. AND – I got Snackin’ Bacon, but I also asked for a large coffee with cream & sugar. Bacon was good, but they gave me this (watch the video).

Here’s a random tip for the Jelly Donut – take that thing home and top it with some peanut butter – it’s glorious.

Trying to expand my horizons. Every night, I sit in the house library to journal, but I also have a daily reading from the book – A Year with Rumi. I’m trying to understand it. Trying. It’s like Radiohead – I know that there are a ton of fans and it’s really well done . . . but, I’m trying to understand and “get” it.

“Avoiding certain people to protect your emotional and mental health is not a weakness. It’s wisdom.” – by Jim Carrey

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