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morning babble / Saturday 05-29-21

Took me a bit to kick it into gear today. I actually journaled and had tea prior to my run. Anyway, I’ve been a grump around here lately. Now, it’s easy to say it’s the weather and put blame there. BUT – I’m just behind with my work, personal goals, and that’s when I become my own worst enemy. I go into hiding and . . . become a grump.

HOWEVER, there’s one thing that I didn’t do yesterday, which might have helped me through all of this. Laundry – I do it and enjoying doing it. It’s a completed act. I washed like 4 loads of clothes, but they remain in the basket – two of them . . . piled high. I didn’t fold them yet. I should have done that. Watch the video – I think I explain it better there.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – When’s your next fast? Monday night, June 7th – the fasting fun begins again
  • Question #2 – didn’t feel like doing any more questions.
  • Questions #3 – sorry, but there’s next week.

“Give more / Give what you didn’t get / Love more / Drop the old story” – by Garry Shandling via Stillness is the Key (p. 111)

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