New Music Friday with DMX, Dirty Heads, Mustafa, and The Glorious Sons.

morning babble / Friday 05-28-21

Via Rolling Stone, I read that Spotify is working to help out new musicians. This past Wednesday (May 26th), “the streaming service announced its new Fresh Finds program, which will spotlight indie musicians in marketing campaigns and equip them with a variety of educational tools.” The program is a spin-off of the Fresh Finds playlist, which updates every Wednesday and his been around for the past 5 years. I need to listen to that more.

FYI – I don’t get paid by Spotify and I also don’t receive a free subscription. I just enjoy their app and all the music you get. Besides, after they signed Joe Rogan, there wasn’t any money left. Thanks Joe.

New Music Friday:

  • I’ll just start with the big one that’s out today – DMX’s Exodus (named after one of his sons). This album was nearly complete before his death on April 9 and includes a ton of other stars. The song being pushed today is called “Bath Salts” opens with Jay-Z, then Nas, and, of course, DMX. All on the same song. Other songs include Snoop, Lil Wayne, Bono, Alicia Keys, and on & on.
  • Another big one is from Mustafa (formerly Mustafa the poet) with his debut solo album – When Smoke Rises. This guy has been doing poetry since he was 12. The song I heard today was “The Hearse” – Very deep and real.
  • I did see and hear “Vacation” by Dirty Heads but that was released back in 2017. Great video too – has Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell all through it. Click here. Anyway, this new “Vacation” is a remix with Train aka Pat Monahan. Dirty Heads are on tour this summer and it looks like that they don’t have a new album, so let’s push out an old favorite. It’s a fun kick-off to the holiday weekend.
  • Glorious Sons (Canada’s Best Export) released “Daylight” last Saturday to kick-off the Stanley Cup playoffs. Today, we get “Young King”. I’ve liked these guys for awhile now and they keep getting better. Here’s a link to go big on some NFTs that the band is offering. Click here!

“If your heart was as big as your mouth you’d be real.” – by DMX

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