3 Day Fast begins 2nite / Butterfinger PB revisited / Mark Manson quote

morning babble / Monday 06-07-21

It’s Monday – go eat that frog! Get the tough “to do” out of the way for the day – maybe even for the week! Eat that frog!

Speaking of eating . . . I weighed myself this morning. Whew – I ate this weekend. In particular, I had one of those brick burritos from El Diablo. Delicious, but whew. It’s still there. BUT – it didn’t stop me from lathering up a bunch of peanut butter on top of my chocolate chip muffin.

Speaking of peanut butter, remember when Butterfinger teased us about them coming out with their very own Peanut Butter? Okay – so maybe, I do. I googled to see if it’s true yet. It’s not. But – I did learn that “Technically, Butterfinger does not contain peanut butter but ground roasted peanuts. They are almost the same thing except peanut butter requires a bit more grinding to form a paste.” So basically, Butterfinger was grinding & grinding, got a little lazy, and said – “Close enough! Put it in the bar.” And hence, the crispety crunchety Butterfinger bar was born.

All this food talk – why? Because my 3 day fast begins tonight after dinner. Who’s with me? If you know me, send along a text. OR – send an email and let me know that you’re in and I’ll cheer you along: morningbabble@brentevans.net. Let’s do this!

Today’s quote I took from Mark Manson. I haven’t read one of his books yet, but I’m working on it – sort of. Go watch the video to find out how I’m trying to read it.

“The most meaningful moments in life do not show up on your calendar or to-do list” – by Mark Manson via his Instagram post

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