June’s 3 Day Fast Begins/ Spotify & my listening-Run the Jewels to Taylor Swift? / Cathy Hughes “”

morning babble / Tuesday 06-08-21

My Morning Babble Wake-up playlist begins with The Fratellis – “Six Days in June”

Spotify recently did a “Find out how you listen” Which artists, songs, and podcasts set you apart? They poked fun at me listening to Taylor Swift and then the Raconteurs. I don’t think that’s too far off. I mean, if it was Run the Jewels to Taylor Swift – that would be a train wreck. Run the Jewels to Jack White – not bad at all. Witnessed that show at the Garden in NYC in 2015.

I ran – 159 days of 5k runs and morning babbles.

Also, June’s 3 day fast is underway – the 6th 3 day fast of the year. Unfortunately, it started later than I wanted – I finished downing a Gatorade at 6:38pm. Fast was on. As I always state, today is the easy day.

“Don’t sell past the close.” – by Dorothy Hughes, Radio One

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