New Music Friday with Maroon 5, Migos, Our Lady Peace & more/ Out of MUD\WTR / Turtles playing tag?

morning babble / Friday 06-11-21

Happy Friday! Got my coffee today. Ran out of the MUD/WTR – send some asap! No more 3 Day Fast – well, for June. Yesterday morning, I was driving on 95 South in D-ware near Frawley and passed a billboard for Dover Downs stating “Dinner is Served” with a big old burger on it. It was like food porn. I so wanted to turn around and see it again. I was good though and broke the fast at the proper time. It was a dinner with red wine and pasta last night. My wife and I also had dark chocolate for dessert because we had to finish up the bottle that we were sharing – not just me, that would be bad.

I ran – 162 runs / 162 babbles

Someone noticed my dancing turtles or maybe they’re playing tag. I’ll talk about them tomorrow.

New Music Friday:

  • New Marshmello Album has fully dropped – Shockwave. That’s the song that they are pushing off of it too, “Shockwave.” I remember my son talking about Marshmello is going to be on my Fortnite this Saturday. I was like – Oh, that’s cute. At the time, I didn’t realize that it was the artist Marshmello until I heard it that Saturday. He made history with first ever Fortnite in-game concert – millions watched. This took place on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 – day before the Superbowl. The day before Maroon 5 performed their halftime show. The day before Adam Levine pretty much took it all off on stage.
  • Speaking of Maroon 5 – Today, they released their new album ‘Jordi,’ which is dedicated to their late Manager, Jordan Feldstein who passed in 2017. The song that is being played on the airwaves is “Lost.” Maroon 5 reminds me of my time in Philly, when I was the Assistant Program Director which allowed me to play Music Director. Back then, radio stations got their music “ripped” into their computer via CDs that record companies would mail in or come visit with a special delivery. Back then it was 2002 and Maroon 5 was a nobody. We got their album – Songs About Jane – “Harder to Breathe” / “This Love” / “She Will Be Loved” / “Sunday Morning”. Go get that CD. I took it home. You said I could have it.
  • Got an EP of 5 songs from K. Flay today. Inside Voices – we’ve already heard Four Letter Words. Today, I heard the song that had Blink’s Travis Barker – Dating My Dad. Another song on the album has Rage’s Tom Morello on TGIF. I really enjoy anything that has K.Flay on it – totally dig her sound. That album from 2017 – Everywhere is Some Where. Do yourself and go listen to that – very real sound. Hit song was “Blood in the Cut”.
  • Migos! Do you remember “Migos in therapy” on SNL / only see it on the Peacock app – something like that. Anyway. This is another band I was listening to early. First featured on the show – Atlanta with Danny Glover. By the way Season 3 of Atlanta on FX will come out this January. Bad and Boujee. Why you singing “drop drop, dot dot dot, scared”? I don’t know. Anyway – full new album from them called Culture III. Song that’s being pushed is featuring Drake “Having Our Way”.
  • Something for me – Our Lady Peace with an Acousti Live set of Spiritual Machines – that’s originally their 4th studio album back in 2000.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” – by Jimi Hendrix

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