3 Day Fast wrapping up!/ Daily Stoic reading about 2 people / Russell Brand quote via Dax Shepard

morning babble / Thursday 06-10-21

Might be some tweaks needed but this is the scribble that led to the babble . . .

Yet again – I already had today planned but podcasts and readings have made me tangent.

First – it’s Day 3 of the Fast. Today’s run is typically the toughest runs – and for the final 10 minutes, it wasn’t easy – let’s just say that. I keep remembering the 3rd day of my April fast and that was a bad run. Speaking of runs – yes, I ran 161st!

Got my water with a pinch of salt and lemon slice for the kick-off. Both big water bottles have a couple slices of cucumber in them. I’m telling you, I really enjoy that. I’m saving that for every fast. Tempting to do all the time, but I’m saving it.

One other thing – my last couple nights of sleep have been awesome. I took my MagMind – it’s Magnesium supplement. Normally, I don’t take any vitamins and such during the fast, but this is the one exception because of how well it helps me sleep. Maybe I should test that for sleep over 30 days?

So, this morning I went to Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard for my podcast and he recently had Russell Brand. Oh – FYI – Dax is moving to Spotify exclusively on 7/1. Anyway, I was only in my warm-up part of my run and the interview started. Right away, Russell Brand delivered a quote that I wanted. I really need something to write these things down, but instead, I bailed on that podcast and went to the Seth Rogan interview by Dax. No offense to Seth, I think. I believe he would have laughed. So, that quote from Russell is coming up.

Then, my Daily Stoic today was about two kinds of people in the world (taken from page 176 of Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic)

  1. The first looks at others who have accomplished things and thinks: Why them? Why not me?
  2. The other looks at those same people and thinks. If they can do it, why can’t I?

“Envy – it’s your own unfulfilled potential projected onto another.” – by Russell Brand

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