New Music Friday w/ Tom DeLonge – DaBaby – Griff / Shirt Drawer Clean-Out / Suns out, guns out?

morning babble / Friday 06-18-21

Shirt Drawer Clean-Out – First shirt out that will make it back into the drawer is the Invisible Tour shirt from Genesis. I didn’t go – it was like 1987? It was gifted to me from my big sis, Kristen, and brother-in-law, Barry. However, I did go to the We Can’t Dance tour, which was a little bit later in time. This year, Genesis is doing “The Last Domino?” tour / Phil can’t climb behind the drum kit anymore, so his son Nicholas Collins will be on drum duty.

Current shorts are found on my website under Droplet of Life – already up is “Safety First” and “The Final Gift of Beau Brummel”. Coming very soon – “Banging the Door”

And – on that note – I ran. 169. Hehe. Yeah, I’m a boy. 169 runs / 169 babbles

New Music Friday:

  • Tyler, the Creator has announced his new album, Call Me If You Get Lost, is arriving next Friday, June 25. So, this past week, we got Lumberjack – a quick hit song – just over 1 minute. Got a video too – click here.
  • Earlier this year in January, we got “Masterpiece” from DaBaby. Well, he has released his second solo single of 2021. “Ball If I Want To” and there’s a fun video to go along with it – click here for that. Cheerleading squad, high school setting, and a giant baby mascot – diaper and all.
  • Griff – she’s new to me. I’ve heard her songs “Black Hole” and “One Foot in Front of the Other”. Isn’t that a Christmas song? (Watch that “Babble” video found below) Sorry. Anyway. “Shade of Yellow” is out now. I really enjoyed the chill sound to it.
  • More than three years removed from his last album, Good Thing, Mr. Leon Bridges just released his third song from his upcoming album, Gold-Diggers Sound – out fully on July 23rd. We already got “Sweeter” and “Motorbike,” and now, we got “Why Don’t You Touch Me.” Not quite like the earlier videos I listed – but here’s the video.
  • Lastly, Angels and Airwaves have released a new song, “Restless Souls,” from their upcoming album, Lifeforms, out September 24th. This is the band that’s headed by former Blink dude – Tom DeLonge who is way into space and aliens and all kinds of fun. Good music always comes out of him too though.

“In learning, you will teach; and in teaching, you will learn.” – by Phil Collins

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