Learned Juneteenth via Grant book/ One song run w/ Box Car Racer’s “I Feel So” / Casey Neistat quote /

morning babble / Saturday 06-19-21

Happy Saturday! We’ve got a weekend non-stop holidays. Today, it’s officially Juneteenth – which is now officially recognized as a federal holiday – about time. I first really learned about Juneteenth when I was reading Ron Chernow’s Grant. I remember thinking back then – what are we doing? Why is this taking so long! But, ANYWAY – tomorrow’s holiday is, of course, Daddy’s Day.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – First up, deals with running. So, real quick – I ran on the trails today and the number now sits at 170 runs (and babbles) for the year. The official question was “What song from Box Car Racer would you even think of running to?” – I love the one album that this band put out and it’s actually 2/3 of Blink-182 during that moment of time (Tom DeLonge & Travis Barker). AND – the song that I did in fact listen to on repeat today was “I Feel So”. As mentioned the other morning (6/16): I learned about this via “Ryan Holiday – The Daily Stoic Podcast / He had a runner on (Dean Karnazes) and they were talking about what they listen to during a run. Holiday says that he listens to just one song over and over again on repeat. Similar process that he does with writing.” In turn, I have also created a playlist for writing with only one song. All I’m saying for now is that it’s a song from INXS. Love that band and miss that Michael Hutchence – remember, “sexy tough”.
  • Question #2 – Did you really get the Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique on vinyl? Yes, I did. I show you in the Babble video below.
  • Questions #3 – “What are you and your family watching on Friday nights – do you know about Loki? Yes and that is, in fact, what we are watching right now during our Friday night pizza, wings, and beer (for me) dinner in front of the TV. Tom Hiddleston plays that Loki role so good. AND – you get Owen Wilson in there too. Great show, great cast. Only get 4 more episodes are coming at us. Two in and loving it!

“When you have kids, there’s always a reason to do something. Reach further. Do more. Be better.” – by Casey Neistat via Ryan Holiday’s Daily Dad newsletter

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