Not Wednesday yet/ Trust the Morning Routine/ Jocko Willink reading & Fabienne Fredrickson quote

morning babble / Tuesday 06-22-21

“blah, blah, blah” – That’s what I actually have within my outline for a day’s entry. Then, every day, I erase it and write something like this. Today, I left it there. That’s how I’m feeling – blah. Dig deep on these days.

Also, I thought it was Wednesday at first. But then realized it was Tuesday. It’s a bummer when it’s backwards like that, but so awesome when you think it’s Monday and learn it’s Tuesday! Unfortunately – that didn’t just happen.

Trust your Morning Routine to kick it into gear!

I read from the Jocko Willink book: Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual. Page 48 – “Not Feeling It”

Today is great day to go watch that video below . . . limited scribble, I’m sorry.

“The day you plant the seed isn’t the day you eat the fruit. – by Fabienne Fredrickson

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