Remembering Father’s Day / Oatmeal in Cookie Form for Breakfast / Dr. Seuss quote – maybe?

morning babble / Monday 06-21-21

Back at it on a Monday and I didn’t wanna. And you know what – that’s okay. But – you still gotta do it. That’s the difference from being 5 years old and all grown up.

Its was a wonderful Father’s Day / I received a card from my daughter with another “I love ‘yo’ Dad” in it / Got to see my Dad for an early morning java / My wife made an incredible brunch for her dad and I at our place. No, we didn’t have a Charcuterie Board, but I totally won with the brunch that was had. We were stuffed and just sat all afternoon. We then bailed on our dinner idea, but then rallied for a dessert dinner. I got this $11 Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake. I powered through it.

On that note – I ran! 172 runs / babbles

Still doing the 50 / 50 /50 – but, a new “fresh” card was needed. Post-it died .

Lastly, Cecil has the short I wrote – Banging the Door! And he’s not talking to me. No – I sent it to him last night and any Sixers fan doesn’t really have kind things to say after that disaster on the court. Hey, maybe we don’t have to watch Ben Simmons brick those free throws anymore. I did like Cecil’s comment of “Sixers in 9”

Go have your oatmeal in cookie form today!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, but because it happened” – by Dr. Seuss . . . or someone

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