Friday Eve with MUD\WTR / Russell Brand on podcast of Wim Hof / Cold shower time!

morning babble / Thursday 06-24-21

Scribble scribble scribble leads to babble babble babble.

Happy Friday Eve! I got my MUD\WTR. Little mug of it today, since I do have to get on the road for my job. But – I’m digging it in this little mug, too.

Little tougher running today because my man, Larry Jones, was/is in town. Leaves actually today. Great seeing that dude. Arizona is lucky. Anyway – it was late. I had a beverage. So, my alarm laughed at me this morning. I did punch it a couple times with snooze – shouldn’t have done that, but I eventually got up and won the morning.

On the mill – 175th run / now, 175th babble!

I was listening to Wim Hof’s podcast. His very first interview – he had on Russell Brand – that’s rough. Two very unique speakers in how they spit out their words and dialogue. Russell – I’ve read 2 of his books. My Booky Wook and My Booky Wook 2. My wife has read Recovery and actually loaned that one out. She’s still in Revolution. And now, he has an Audible Original – Revelation. That could be next after my Josh Waitzkin book that I’m listening to. Russell Brand, Trevor Noah, or the Beastie Boys.

Oh – I think I’ll talk about this more on Saturday – Cold Shower Challenge. I think I’m going there. Timer/Thermometer has been ordered for the shower.

Matt D’avella – I took cold showers for 30 days. Watch Here.

“When someone says ‘Don’t Do That,’ I still think ‘Why?’ ” – by Russell Brand

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