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morning babble / Friday 06-25-21

It’s Friday, got my MUD on, got my oatmeal for breakfast in cookie form going, and wearing my sexy tough Michael Hutchence shirt! Ha – it’s from the INXS tour for their X album which came out in late 1990. That’s the one with Suicide Blonde / Disappear / Bitter Tears / By My Side. There’s another song on that album that is the one I’ve been writing to – it’s my one song playlist for writing. For this concert, I went to the Spectrum in Philly to see them. Soup Dragons were supposed to open but their lead singer had laryngitis that night. You remember them, right – I’m Free, Divine Thing, hmmmm . . . what happened to them Anyway – the Shirt Drawer Clean-out continues and the INXS shirt is obviously staying.

I talk a lot about Blink 182 because I really like Blink 182. Tom DeLonge and his Angels & Airwaves are coming out with new music, Travis Barker dating a Kardashian or a Jenner, but sad new with Mark Hoppus. Wednesday night, he took to social media and announced his fight with cancer. Apparently, treatment has been going on AND he’s got several months ahead still. Sending good vibes to Mark Hoppus. This dude has made me smile way too much and it just saddens me to hear about what he needs to go through – keep fighting, Mark. Enjoy the NOW people!!!

New Music Friday:

  • First Up – Have you heard Miley Cyrus covering Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. It’s available to hear. Sir Elton John is on it too with her. More Metallica covers are coming too. Over 50 artists of all shapes, sizes, and flavors will be singing their favorite Metallica song on a tribute album that comes out September 10th. It’s called the Metallica Blacklist with proceeds going to over 50 charities.
  • Tyler, the Creator – his new album, Call Me If You Get Lost, is out today, 16 tracks. Some are really really short and quick, like a minute. But – there are a couple pushing over 8 minutes. I’ve only had one listen through – still digging into it.
  • DaBaby has just released his new track, “Red Light Green Light.” New project must be dropping soon – rumor has it that the album could titled D4. Last week, it was “Ball If I Want To” and now this. There’s a flute in there too. Maybe Jethro Tull. Maybe not.
  • Our Lady Peace has a new single out – “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” / I don’t know what they’re doing. Hoping for more new stuff – that’d be nice.
  • Eve 6 – Their EP Grim Value is out – 5 songs. We already had a couple of them. Today though – they are pushing “I wanna bite your face” – it’s a love song
  • Pink Laundry released a new single today – “Rocketship Millionaire”. I keep watching them to see what happens. Back on March 12th, I reported about listening to “Seasonal Depression” by Pink Laundry. Who’s that? Let me tell. Judah and the Lion – they had a great album back in 2019. Then COVID. Lead singer, Judah Akers, has been home and creating stuff. This is him – Pink Laundry.

“The past is only the future with the lights on.” – by Mark Hoppus

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