AMA Saturday / Cold shower challenge coming – 31 days – take that Matt D’Avella & Nathaniel Drew

morning babble / Saturday 06-26-21

I’ve got my bacon smelling black tea – Lapsang Souchong. This morning, I was little all over the place. I just didn’t feel like running yet. So, I read a little, reviewed some videos, polished off the oatmeal breakfast in cookie form option (dammit). Nevertheless I finally got my butt onto the mill and ran – 177 runs.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – When do we get that short? Cecil and I chatted – I’ve got tweaks to do – all good and I’m very excited to get it done. I’d say easily before 7/1.
  • Question #2 – Are you really doing that cold shower thing? Yes. I’m not going to do the 20 day challenge from Wim Hof – that helps you ease into it over the course of the month. I’ll do that this week and lead up to July 1st. After reviewing Matt D’Avella’s “I took cold showers for 30 days” video as well as Nathaniel Drew’s “30 Days of Cold Showers: Not What I Was Expecting” video, I’ve concluded that I’ll do it every day in July for 31 days! Ha! Okay – not that earth shattering, plus Drew spoke with somebody that did it for 365 days – not doing that. I’m just still trying to work out how I’ll do the video, which will be separate from this daily vlog. I’m not a fan of showing too much pasty white skin for everyone AND I don’t think that there are too many fans of that either. So – I’m thinking. But – one thing is for sure – 31 days and I’ll report on it daily here.
  • Questions #3 – When’s your next 3 day fast? Begins Monday night, July 12th – pushed it back a week. With the 4th of July weekend, I want to make sure that I have the option of enjoying some food and beverage without the worry of crashing into the 3 day fast.

“Mistakes are the dues one pays for a full life.” – by Sofia Lauren

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