Friday Eve! / 31 Days of Cold Showers begins / “Banging the Door” is up

morning babble / Thursday 07-01-21

I have warned you . . . this is a lot of scribble sometimes. The babble video is always there!

Happy Friday Eve! We survived the hot weather and the swim meet – they lost. We have the better pool though. We were out in the middle of this field. Ants or sweat. Ewww.

The short is live – Banging the Door! PG-13 – just like the turtles in the video.

I ran 182 runs / 182 babbles – tomorrow is the official halfway point!

3 Rules for the 31 Days of July Cold Showers

  1. Every Day – duh.
  2. Cold water – beginning to end
  3. Minimum 5 minute showers

July Calendar – my daughter will mark it tonight

July 1st – 31 days of cold showers – meant to be – it arrived yesterday: shower clock / timer / thermometer arrived

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” – by Leonardo da Vinci

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