Record Store Day is next Saturday! / Vault package via Third Man Records / Jack White quote

morning babble / Saturday 07-10-21

Ahhh . . . Saturdays in the summer. Normally means we got a swim meet to attend to. Hasn’t really been the case since last year and so far this year – only Wednesday nights. Today – that changes. The boy has a swim meet. Is one of his events the Free Style Relay which is at the very, very end – of course it is. Nice cool day ahead though.

So, I ran. 191st in row of 5k runs. I also cold-showered for July.

Forgot to mention yesterday with New Music Friday, but the 2nd Record Store Day of the year is next Saturday – July 17th. I’m looking forward to a Vault package that I got from Third Man Records – every 3 months, I get something.

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – Why don’t you like crowds? I guess the way I talked about crowds with fireworks facilitated this question. But – yeah, I’ve never really been a fan of crowds. Always looking for the exit. Sort of claustrophobic. I have got a stuck in the elevator story for a Flyers Home Opener to tell a some point. ANYWAY – I’ve been to a lot of concerts especially during my radio station days and they sort of spoiled me. I had easy ways in and out of those venues. No more though. I’m herded in now, too.

“Failure comes when we don’t get back up and try again.” – by Jack White

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